August Blog

Salty C Dog card proofs are back from the printers and looking good.  Many thanks to Tim and Howard at Kent Vallley Printers for all their hard work and advice.

4 designs will be on sale at Burleigh Horse Trials this month and then at the Autumn Fair trade show at Birmingham in September……. Lets hope all those retail outlets like them and place some good orders!

John and Michaela’s portraits are nearly finished now, just a few final details to work on.  Will have them for you to see in my September blog.

Started work on Hazels Irvine’s portrait.  Am working from some photos I took on the Wintergarden studio set in Sheffield in April.  Have decided to do this one on square format canvas with the subject filling the canvas.  Using cool tones and limited colour palette . I hope she likes the end result!

All things bright and beautiful!……………………  The most amazing flowers .  A great few days back on the Lancashire coast at the Southport Flower Show.  Some inspirational ideas for the Salty C Dog range with brightly coloured carousels, buckets and spades and  candy floss stalls. A gem of a find …………………. lovely china cupcakes, vintage kitchen treasures and a wonderful 1939 framed poster from the flower show.  In the 1930s it was the biggest flower show in the world, then as the nation prepared for the show in 1939  war with Germany was declared and things came to a dramatic halt!

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