May Blog

Awards Dinner at the Dorchester…… Fantastic evening. Painting bought in auction by Paul Mount of the South West Snooker Academy. Many thanks for bidding Paul and providing a great home for Ronnie’s portrait!

Off to see “The Pitmen Painters” work at the museum and gallery at  Woodhorn.  Saw the play by Lee Hall at Milton Keynes last year. A fantastic story of how the pitmen at Ashington started a painting class one evening  a week at the village hut.
If you only go to one play this year …make it this one!  It is touring nationally again until September.
Some great paintings depicting everyday life with larger than life characters! Read the full story at
My favourites are…. Whippets by George Blessed

And….. Pigeon Crees  by  Jimmy Floyd

Added to my Equestrian Portfolio with a painting of Ellie riding sidesaddle on her pony Taggie Really enjoyed painting this

Took some great photos of the Grafton hounds a while ago and am now working on a picture of them.

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